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Lodge & Staff

     Set upon one of our ranch's highest hills, Pheasant Crest Lodge provides a spectacular view of the South Dakota prairie, comfortably accommodating up to 18 guests.

     Our spacious "great room" provides a place to stretch out and unwind after a successful day's hunt where you can relax by the fire or retell stories about that day's wingshooting while watching your favorite team on our big screen TV's.  If relaxing with a drink and a game of poker or pool is more your style, you will enjoy our newly added game room. 

     When it is time to retire for the night, our 17 private suites are comfortably appointed with a queen bed, each room with its own private bath...all of the needed comforts of home.

"Having hunted in S.D. I had a certain expectation about what I would experience on a South Dakota pheasant hunt. However, I could not have anticipated what you and your staff provided during my stay at Pheasant Crest Lodge. The staff, the accommodations, the food—they were all exceptional. However, I was not prepared for the number of wild birds that your land management has allowed to flourish. It was wing-shooting at it’s finest. Thanks for a great hunt!"

-Bo Jackson

 "Each of us thought the Pheasant Crest experience in 2006 was one of, if not, the best hunting trips we've taken. The package of friendly accommodating people, terrific food and unequaled pheasant hunting prompted our decision to book the same week for the next 10 years."

-Mason Hawkins
Chairman & Chief Executive Office
Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.

"I have been fortunate to hunt a lot of different game in a lot of interesting places, but one hunting experience that stands alone in regards to world class is Pheasant Crest Lodge. Brian Havlik and staff not only offer the best pheasant hunting on the planet, but also the personal touches and service that set them apart. The Lodge is incredibly comfortable, the food unbelievable, the hunting Labradors first rate, and the hospitality--perfect."
Pheasant Crest Lodge is at the top of my list for annual hunting trips.

-Bill Rogers - San Antonio, TX 
PGA Tour and International victories: 
1981-British Open, 1981-Australian Open, 1981-Heritage Classic, 1981-Texas Open, 1981-Ryder Cup Team, Texas Golf Hall of Fame.

"On behalf of Cyndi and all of our family, I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful hunting vacation for our family. You and your staff are courteous and attend to every detail to make sure we were well fed, safe, and happy.  We all look forward to coming back soon."

-George Watkins
Owner of Tampa Maid Food & Watkins Truck Co.

"It truly was one of the most enjoyable trips I've made as host of Advantage Outdoors. Only wished it could have lasted longer.
Our hunt at Pheasant Crest was superb in every respect. I've never seen more pheasants anywhere. The guides were totally professional and helpful. The lodge facilities were "four star", and the food was home-cooked, delicious and plentiful.. I'd recommend Pheasant Crest to anybody who's looking for the ultimate experience in pheasant hunting. 
I've hosted Advantage Outdoors for five years, and this was one of the very best , most enjoyable hunting operations we have visited-maybe the best. I hope to get back there some day."

-Wade Bourne
TNN Advantage Outdoors

"Two years ago I thought I had found the best place to hunt wild ringneck pheasants in the United States, I was right! However, you and your staff at Pheasant Crest Lodge turned the open plains of South Dakota from a mere place to hunt wild birds into a unique hunt with five star accommodations and gourmet dining.
Our day began with a hearty breakfast prepared by the best cook (your mother) in South Dakota. Afterwards we were driven to the fields to begin our hunt. Having great dogs and guides made our part of the hunt more fun than imaginable. Limits of birds were not a problem once you become accustomed to the explosion of feathers that occurs each time he birds decide it is time to stop running and take to the air.
Later in the evening, after great steak, libations, camaraderie, and watching falling stars over the great plains we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.
I heartily recommend Pheasant Crest Lodge to anyone who is looking for the best wild pheasant hunting in the country. I’ll see you opening weekend!"

-Walter Umphrey

"It'll take a few days for me to catch up with all the new posts and comments, but I have to tell you that if you have any openings on your dance card left for this season and have a hankering for some prime South Dakota pheasants, I have just the place--Pheasant Crest Lodge.
The Reader-Writer hunt we had there last week-end was a gas (and not just because I had to share a room with Leary). The lodge is a gem, the food is exceptional, the country side is gorgeous, and the God, the pheasants. In order to qualify for their preserve permit, the Havlik's have released a small number of birds into a couple of designated areas--but of the 300 to 500 birds we saw each day, I didn't see anything that looked or behaved like a released bird. As we did hunt the release areas a bit, we must've kicked up a few, but I'd say we were looking at better than 99-percent wild pheasants--big, strong-flying, sly, spooky, everything a pheasant is supposed to be, and then some.
This is only Pheasant Crest's second year in operation; it's the best new lodge I've seen yet. The phone number is 605-778-6340. Kimball is the nearest town. Nearest airport is Sioux Falls, and the lodge is only about 15 miles off I-90."

-Michael McIntosh
Posted on the Shooting Sportsman's Web Site Bulletin Board

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