2016 Hunts

Sanderson Farms enjoyed their 7th year bringing valuable customers.

John Eddie Williams and Cary Patterson have made this hunt for 21 years straight!

Gordon Dixon & Sons, Eric Dann family, and Barton Bridges and friends shot lots of birds on their 20th annual hunt.

Fred Langford along with restaurant owner and Sysco friends had a blast on their 14th annual hunt.

Chris Robertson and Dana DeGeorge bring friends and family on their 10th annual hunt.

Our Couples Hunt is an annual favorite and with new guests like Racquel and Eric Schrumpf and longtime friend Bob White, it only gets better after 17 years.

Retired executive Larry Solley with son Wayne bring along a host of sportsmen like Larry Pillard to their 11th annual pheasant hunt.

Emerson Process management does two large annual events a year for special customers; the "Masters" and their hunt with Pheasant Crest. This fall will make 16 years in a row!

This hunt started with being one of three hunts in the nation selected with Shooting Sportsman magazine. This group has not missed a year since 2000, 18 years!

Kellogg, Brown, & Root past presidents John Rose and David Zimmerman along with executives like Emory Pylant have been hunting with us for 11 years running.

Joe Sanderson, Bud Taylor, and John McIntire bring a host of friends and clients to their 15th annual hunt.

Retired Walmart executive Leroy Schuetts brings his son and grandson along with a host of friends and family for their 13th annual trip.

Buzz Baker and Rex Chamberlain bring family and friends Jack Noneman and Gil Baumgarten bring buddies to partake in a hunt before Thanksgiving every year.

Wayne Reaud and friends love their after Thanksgiving hunt and have been coming for 16 years straight.

Cary Patterson experiences both early and late season hunting with his boys and a host of friends. Cary is a long-time friend and customer of PCL.

Mike Ramsey started coming late season 3 years ago and loves bringing family and friends to experience one of our most exciting times to hunt at PCL, December.

Tennessee Tractor loves hunting in the snow with clients and friends. This year will be their 4th season.

Monsanto company was our only first time group this year. Their customers loved it and have reserved the lodge again for 2017.