2014 Hunts

Walter Umphrey always takes opening weekend and has now for the last 19 years!

Gordon Dixon & Sons with Barton Bridges and friends have booked the second hunt of the season now for 17 years straight!

Our annual husband and wife hunt, along with Chris Robertson of Arkansas and friends enjoyed 15 years of great wing shooting in late October.

Sysco Executive Fred Langford brings customers on their 12th Annual Hunt.

Larry Solley, retired Emerson executive, with family and friends enjoy their 10th Annual Hunt.

Emerson Process Management loves their early november hunt and will be making their 14th annual hunt this fall.

Kellog Brown & Root Executives and friends enjoy hunting with their wives and friends. This fall will be their 8th Annual Hunt.

The first of two Saulsbury Industries hunts enjoy their wing shooting experience in South Dakota.

Saulsbury Industries located in TX take part in two hunts back to back. This fall will be their 7th hunt with PCL.

The 15th Annual Tim Leary Memorial Hunt is a time to enjoy fellowship and remember this shooting sportsman, photographer, and writer.

Sysco Executives along with Sanderson Farms and Heritage Bag Company enjoy their 12th Annual Hunt with PCL.

Gil Baumgarten and Friends, with Matt McWilliams and Southern Asset Service Corp. This fall will be their 3rd Annual Hunt.

Wayne Reaud with family and friends spend Thanksgiving with PCL and have hunted with us for 14 years.

Walmart retired executives love their late season hunting with family and guests. They were also joined this year by Rodger Head and friends.

Mike Ramsey brought a few for the first time and has now booked the entire lodge for 2015.

Cary Patterson of Nix, Patterson & Roach brings his family and friends to hunt late season. This fall will be 12 years.

Tennessee Tractor Company enjoys time spent with customers on their annual December hunt.