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The Heart of Pheasant Country

     Located in picturesque central South Dakota, PHEASANT CREST LODGE is part of a family-owned farm and ranch that is operated by three generations of Havliks. Come enjoy the very best in wingshooting as we go out of our way to accommodate your needs in both the field and at the lodge. 

While our season at Pheasant Crest Lodge runs for only 2 1/2 months, our commitment to and love for the land and habitat is year round.  Everything that we do, either through our farming practices, predatory management, or land improvements is done with the native wild pheasants' ability to survive and thrive in mind.  Appropriate and effective conservation is a driving force behind our practices at Pheasant Crest Lodge and that commitment has led to an increase in other wildlife such as the white-tail and mule deer, prairie chicken, and quail. 

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